Connect to PulseChain

This page allows you to simply set up MetaMask compatible wallet to work with PulseChain or to add common PulseChain related tokens to your wallet. All this with only a few clicks. PulseChain currently runs only in testing mode as so-called Testnet V3. Mainnet will start only after Testnet v3.

Disclaimer: Using Testnets should not cause any harm - all you do is just a test, you are not working with real values. But be careful - avoid using your real wallets and use testing wallets if possible. Be particularly careful when you switch back to Mainnet.

If you click on the following button you will be prompted to approve adding the blockchain network definition configuration in the MetaMask.
If the configuration is added you will be prompted to switch your current network to PulseChain Testnet V3.

Connect to PulseChain Testnet V3